A while ago I was in New York City and decided one evening to go to a fancy restaurant for a tasting menu.  I was a bit nervous since I had never gone out for such a long and involved meal by myself but I figured I could use a little Dan-time.  So I sat down, hit back a few gin and tonics, and the food started to arrive.  Then after about half an hour, around the time I started to get a bit bored with my own thoughts, a gift from god landed two tables down from me.  You see my wife had taught me the pleasures of eavesdropping at restaurants years ago so I’m usually quite entertained with just about anyones private conversation.  But who do I find myself sitting by?  Why no less that Suzanne Sommers herself!  Needless to say, she had some, ahem, interesting ideas about modern medicine that made for an excellent evening of eavesdroppertainment.  I even managed to snap a clandestine photo of her over my shoulder (last pic of the post).  

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